The Group 3737

Innovation, diversity and inclusion as a driver of wealth creation.

Instrumental to the development of more than 40 companies and the training of more than 300 entrepreneurs.

Group 3737 was founded in 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs committed to helping entrepreneurs from all cultural backgrounds to integrate and succeed in the Canadian business world and to make Saint-Michel and Montréal-Nord an innovation hub. We first got the idea in 2011 and it was merely a dream, but we managed to do it.

Today, Group 3737 is one of the largest business and technology innovation hubs in Quebec. It brings together a community of more than 40 companies and hundreds of jobs created – from startups to mid-sized companies in global competition. Group 3737 is at the heart of the revitalization of a region



Our mission

Group 3737 helps entrepreneurs and tech companies to start, grow and succeed, with the strategic goal of creating more businesses, more jobs and more wealth. We are inclusive and believe in the power of diversity. Everything we do is about collaboration and helping others and our communities. This is our main mission, mantra and reason to be

Our vision

Use and share our professional expertise and networks to have a significant impact on the wealth creation and economic development of our community.

An innovation center

Group 3737 has more than 50,000 square feet dedicated to collaboration, ideation, creation and innovation. We bring together key players – startups and global leaders, government agencies, academic and financial institutions – to create an immersive, creative and diverse environment unlike any other.

Focused on job creation and business growth, the 3737 hosts events, special guests and other activities, serves as a collaborative workspace for a mix of technology and non-technology companies and as a reception area.


A hub of entrepreneurs and innovators

Group 3737 is a hub and an anchor for entrepreneurs and innovators with a focus on diversity and inclusion. It is the spot for entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in their world and for big companies to conquer the world.

Our training and support programs

Group 3737 offers programs to help entrepreneurs and businesses, at all stages of their project, as well as customized training programs, access to clients, talents and capital. We help entrepreneurs grow and innovate.

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Our network of partners

Group 3737 builds partnerships to create a world-class ecosystem by ensuring that we have all the ingredients (and the brand) to go from a start-up company to a conquering global company.

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Talent Development: Training and Skills Development
  • Code and Design: Programming and Design trainings
  • Entrepreneurship: personalized entrepreneurship program and coaching
Practical managements of startups

Strategic consulting and development of growth

Growth coaching:
– Optimization of sales and marketing processes
– Build the operational processes required to establish a predictable revenue stream
– Develop strategic bases that will allow your company to reach your first million dollars
– Train your sales manager on how to build and lead a sales team
– Establish cultural and leadership practices to evolve your business
– Prepare to raise money after the program

  • We help you identify the right technology to use to create the perfect multiplier effect
  • Fab Lab – access to lab space brings ideas to prototypes
Hub and ecosystem
  • A collaborative, modern and inspiring space in a renovated building
  • Companies, expansion, startups, technology facilitators, customers, collaborators, partners, events, business consulting, skills development and various growth vehicles
Client relationship
  • B2B and B2C opportunities
  • We use our global relationships to create early relationships with our customers, enabling us to gain valuable feedback on products and first purchase orders.
  • Market intelligence – We leverage our market access information and relevant data for your business
Creation of financing opportunities

We leverage our relationships to access available funds: Canada Building BDC Fund, BDC, Canadian Media Fund, Embark Funding, Mitacs, National Research Council Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), SR & ED, Angels Quebec, just to name a few.

Business consulting and partnerships

From legal and financial support to market research and banking services, we put you in touch with the right advisors.

Our partners

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