Elevation 3737

Créez des affaires avec la communauté ! Parce que nous croyons que l’innovation et la diversité doivent contribuer à la richesse locale.

About Elevation 3737 ?


The program

Elevation 3737 is our core program aiming to accelerate promising and innovative projects. One of our other program, Fempreneures, was actually born out of Elevation 3737.


The duration

With a duration of 12 to 24 weeks, it offers rigorous trainings and follows-up of the projects and their evolution with a periodic validation on the critical points of success .


The challenge

Our challenge is to create a pipeline of talent, knowledge and expertise and bring out the next Google, Apple, Samsung or Starbucks of this world. We want to do all this in a neighbourhood where most large corporations never think about settling.


Who is it for

Elevation 3737 is aimed at any young student, professional or entrepreneur who has an idea with an element of innovation and whose project needs the boost that will bring it to another level.

Experienced trainers

An experienced team to assist you and help you in the creation of your innovation project

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