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Our Partners

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A Business Center

A business center provides an excellent showcase for the development of your business. The presence of several tenants allows the creation of a synergy that benefits all participating companies. Groupe3737’s business center is a new way to do business!

Our Team

Groupe3737 is a multidisciplinary team working in most sectors. Our business center attracts a diverse clientèle that can lead to more business opportunities. Here are some of our partners:


Sophisticated & stylish, NU.I BY VICKIE is a luxurious and eclectic collection designer known for her bold use of patterns and colors, adjusted feminine cuts, and her sense of high-fashion glamour.

Nu.I by Vickie
Clothing for Women

Capital Plus is a financing firm of wealth management and financial literacy, providing a broad range of financial products

Capital Plus
Financial services

LEJ is an accounting firm and law whose main objective is to assist you in creating your business.

Accounting firm and lawyers

Groupe Réno-Métrix meets all of your home improvement needs, inside and out. Whether its expansion or the complete transformation of certain places, or modification divisions of your home.

Groupe Réno-Métrix
Residential and commercial renovation

Q-Links revolutionizes the relationship between consumers and their home or work environment. The product under development will replace the existing thermostat with a built-in thermostat that will introduce customers in the era of the Internet of Things.

Technology products

Do not wait. Become part of this team of innovative entrepreneurs! Contact us.

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