Entrepreneurs: Next generation


This program provides youth with training and mentorship to familiarize them with the concepts of innovation, business plan, marketing and venture capital financing. During the training sessions, the participant will have the opportunity to become familiar with the structure, content and operation of the program. We will have practical and theoretical content that will be accessed during the training, which includes:


  • Schemes showing the structure of the course
  • A course introduction capsule
  • Animated workshops
  • Capsules of experts and entrepreneurs sharing their experiences
  • Articles on entrepreneurship
  • Quiz

The 36-hour content will focus on the presentation and preparation of projects with the following animation workshops and training sessions:

  • Session 1 (3 hours): the entrepreneur, his team and the ideation
  • Session 2 (4 hours): the market, from the idea to the opportunity
  • Session 3 (2 hours): competition
  • Session 4 (4 hours): production and marketing
  • Session 5 (6 hours): marketing
  • Session 6 (5 hours): cost price and accounting
  • Session 7 (6 hours): the financial plan and financing
  • Session 8 (4 hours): law and entrepreneurship
  • Session 9 (2 hours): computer tools

This program will be given primarily to high school students as an after-school activity over a 12 weeks period. Here are some of our planned field trips :

  • Visit of the Museum of Fine Arts;
  • Visit the production offices of Vrak TV;
  • Visit the offices of V Média;
  • Visit of the FTQ Solidarity Fund offices;
  • Visit of an accounting office (Deloitte & Touche);
  • Visit of a law firm (Miller Thomson).