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Reflecting Canada’s ethnocultural diversity.

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Created in Canadian society thanks to the organization’s support.

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Start-ups, growth, SMEs, NPOs, social economy enterprises.

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Revenue generated by the companies we support.

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Funded projects

We support projects designed to increase the scope and impact of actions promoting the development of black communities in Quebec. To find out more, see “Supporting Black Communities in Canada”.


Adequate financing combined with concise planning can have a significant impact on a company's development, quality and services.

Human resources

Ensuring the success of workforce operations requires planning, directing, managing, guiding and coordinating.

Company development

Create and enable room for growth within the company without compromising its success.


An effective coach can help entrepreneurs develop the skills and tools they need to take the initiative and achieve their goals.

Community 3737

Register for free on our platform and take full advantage of its features. Community 3737 is the first social network in Canada created by and for ethnoculturally diverse entrepreneurs and professionals. Don't wait any longer, join a growing business community.

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