Groupe 3737 is a national not-for-profit organization which provides coaching and support tools for BIPOC business owners with an ecosystem of more than 1,000 entrepreneurs across Canada.

Based in Montreal in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada and housed in a mythical building that once hired immigrants for manufacturing work, Groupe 3737 represents the pride of accomplishment, economic independence, the possibility of taking one’s place in Canadian society and contributing to its wealth while keeping its ethnic identity. With its 50,000 square foot infrastructure in a building spread over 3 floors converted into a springboard of opportunity and 7 offices in the cities where there are the most black communities, Groupe 3737 can mobilize across Canada and make a real difference with diverse ethnocultural entrepreneurs who are often marginalized.

mission statement

Leader in diversity

Our Vision

To be the social network and community of reference in Canada in terms of supporting and propelling businesses belonging to entrepreneurs from ethnocultural diversity and immigration.

Mission & Values

Offer concrete tools, mentor entrepreneurs from underprivileged backgrounds of immigration and ethnocultural diversity to bring them to self-sufficiency, facilitate business creation, ensure job creation and offer economic social support. We want to help enrich the Canadian economy and allow all players in the Groupe 3737 ecosystem to network with each other, in order to forge business ties and create a strong community.


We believe in an inclusive Canadian society where entrepreneurs coming from diverse ethnocultural backgrounds and immigration are essential drivers of wealth creation and economic development.

Numbers at a Glance


that reflects the ethnocultural diversity of Canada


Created into Canadian society through the support offered


Start-up, Growth, SME, NPO, Social economy enterprises


Generated in revenue by companies accompanied and supported


Providing Programs Dedicated to Meet A Wide Range Of Needs

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