Emerging Entrepreneurs

Emerging Entrepreneurs is a 36-hour training course. We want to familiarize young people with the concepts of innovation, business plan, marketing and financing. 


Practical and theoretical content that includes:


  • Introduction to the course and its structure
  • Capsules of experts and entrepreneurs sharing their experiences
  • Animated workshops
  • Articles on entrepreneurship
  • Quizzes
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Lesson Plan

Entrepreneure nouvelle

Workshops and project creation

(24 hours, 12 sessions of 2 hours each)


1: The entrepreneur, his team and ideation;

2: The market, from idea to opportunity;

3: Product or service creation process;

4: Commercialization, marketing and revenue generation;

5: Make your numbers speak through accounting;

6: Sources of financing;

7: The business plan, a necessary evil;

8: The law, a protection tool;
9: Computer tools;

10: A look back at the concepts and their concrete applications;

11: Project preparation;

12: Presentation of the projects.

Planned outings

(6 hours, choice among the following):



  • The Solidarity Fund QFL: a flagship of Quebec success;
  • Notman House, OSMO Foundation, Real Ventures and Founder Fuel: synergy at its best;
  • The Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation: An essential economic development body
  • Deloitte & Touche: The Tower;
  • Denton: a merger with the Chinese giant Dacheng;
  • Ubisoft: more than a game;
  • Startupfest 2020: a gathering of the entrepreneurial ecosystem;
  • Startup Quebec Gathering


Internship in a company

(6 hours, choice by contractors from both programs) :


  • Elevation: choice from 25 entrepreneurs;
  • Fempreneures: choice among 10 entrepreneurs already included in Elevation. 

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