Emerging entrepreneurs

Driven by

  • Raise young people’s awareness of entrepreneurship
  • Develop a business model
  • Familiarize young people with the concepts of innovation, business plans, marketing and financing
Who are we addressing?
  • This program is aimed at senior high school students in participating schools who are looking to learn more about entrepreneurship or develop a business project.
Admission requirements
  • Be a student at one of the schools participating in the program
Program plan
  • The entrepreneur, his team and ideation;
  • The market, from idea to opportunity;
  • The product or service creation process;
  • Commercialization, marketing and revenue generation
  • and revenue generation;
  • Make your numbers speak through accounting;
  • Sources of financing;
  • The business plan, a necessary evil;
  • Legal protection;
  • Computer tools;
  • A look back at concepts and their practical
  • concrete;
  • Project preparation;
  • Project presentation
Program duration
  • 36 hours
  • In-person