The Migranpreneur program is integrated into the Elevation program. It is an entrepreneurial acceleration program focused on helping immigrant entrepreneurs who have arrived in Quebec within the last five years.



    • Have arrived in Quebec less than five years ago
    • Wish to immigrate to Quebec in the near future



New cohort in January 2022 ! 

Who are we addressing?

  • Entrepreneur who has been in Quebec or Canada for less than five years
  • Entrepreneur who wishes to immigrate to Canada to start a business
  • Person who wants to become his own boss
  • Person who wants to start their own business
  • Person who wishes to obtain financing
  • Person who needs support and coaching
  • Person who wants to build a network


Three cohorts per year: fall, winter, summer 
Length of program: 12 weeks
Schedule: Thursday 1:00 to 3:00 pm 


  • Learn how to start a business in Canada
  • Understand the Canadian market
  • Know the sources of financing available to new immigrants
  • Get to know professionals
  • Expand your network of contacts




Are there any fees?: No fees 


Are all countries included?: Yes, but you must have the intention to start your business 


I have been in Quebec for 10 years, am I eligible?: Unfortunately, this program is for new immigrants, however, there are other programs to help you. 


Can I take the course by online learning?: Yes 

Partenaire banque TD

TD Bank, proud partner of Migranpreneur.


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