Code 3737

A training center

Code 3737, is the first codification training school in the St-Michel district favoring 18-45 year old from disadvantaged backgrounds. Its main pedagogy is peer-to-peer learning: a participatory operation that allows students to unleash all their creativity through project-based learning.

No lessons or teachers: at Code 3737, it is the students themselves who are in charge of their success and the success of their fellow students. To progress on the projects offered to them, they rely on the strength of the group, give and receive information, be in turn trainer and learner. Progression through the Code 3737 program will be represented by levels of experience inspired by video games. Each student develops their skills through the proposed projects and receives experience in exchange. The first projects completed will unlock more, bigger ones with even bigger rewards.


The Code 3737 program is developed to be completed in 6 months. This indicative duration
includes in particular periods of internship (2 months minimum) or time in a company. In terms
of course, rather than a series of specific languages ​​and technologies, the Code 3737 curriculum revolves around 4 major themes divided into various skills that are relevant to companies and with a longer lifespan. They are:
- Computer programming;
- Infrastructures;
- Innovation;
- Entrepreneurship and start-up business.

2. Offer a complementary school to a larger pool of candidates possible (Including those
and those from modest backgrounds). The financial conditions of future students and their
schooling (with or without a diploma) will not be barriers when registering.

Our goals

Guarantee our young people a job and equip digital companies in the broad sense, young people
innovative companies or even startups, the talents they need.
Make the richness of the digital economy accessible to young people with an immigrant background and
poor area.
Stimulate and contribute to the emergence of talent through gamification.