Emerging Entrepreneurs

This program consists of providing training and mentoring to young people in order to familiarize them with the concepts of innovation, business plan, marketing and financing by venture capital. During the training sessions, the participant will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the structure, content and operation of the program. We will have practical and theoretical content that will be consulted and accessible during the training, which includes:

    Diagrams showing the structure of the course
    An introductory capsule of the course
    Capsules of experts and entrepreneurs sharing their experiences
    Animated workshops
    Articles on entrepreneurship

Content 1

The content of 36 hours per session of the awareness period will be distributed as follows:

a) Awareness-raising through animated workshops and the creation of projects (24 hours, 12 sessions of 2 hours each)

  • Session 1: the entrepreneur, his team and the ideation;
    Session 2: the market, from idea to opportunity;
    Session 3: the process of creating the product or service;
    Session 4: commercialization, marketing and income generation;
    Session 5: Make your figures speak through accounting;
    Session 6: sources of funding;
    Session 7: the business plan, a necessary evil;
    Session 8: The law, a tool of protection;
    Session 9: IT tools;
    Session 10: A review of the concepts and their concrete applications;
    Session 11: project preparation;
    Session 12: presentation of the projects.

b) Planned outing (6 hours, choice among the

    The Fonds de Solidarité FTQ: a flagship of Quebec success;
    The Notman House, The OSMO Foundation, Real Ventures and Founder Fuel: synergy at its
    The Ministry of Economy and Innovation: an essential body for development
    Deloitte & Touche: La Tour;
    Denton: a merger with the Chinese giant Dacheng;
    Ubisoft: more than a game;
    Startupfest 2020: a gathering of the entrepreneurial ecosystem;
    Startup Quebec Gathering

c) Company internship (6 hours, choice by the
entrepreneurs of the 2 programs):

  • Elevation : choice among 25 entrepreneurs;
  • Fempreneures : choice among 10 entrepreneurs already included in Elevation.

This program will be given mainly
to secondary school students in the form of an extracurricular activity over a period of
12 weeks.