A lever and a supportive community to support female entrepreneurship in a more marked and distinct way.

To the pleasure of female building!

Should we support female entrepreneurship in a more marked and distinct way? The 3737 Group
responds with "Definitely YES!" ". That’s why we created the Fempreneures program.
This program is a continuation of the Elevation program and supports the importance of
female entrepreneurship.

Building a business has its share of
and it does not matter who starts! But one would have to wear blinders not to realize that
special challenges await women who want to start a business.

The studies speak for themselves: "Several
obstacles seem to isolate women entrepreneurs: concentration in sectors of activity
traditionally female, lack of relevant experience, lack of support networks,
domestic and family responsibilities, difficulty in accessing finance. "(Portrait
statistics of women entrepreneurs produced by the Ministry of Economy, Science and
Innovation Quebec (MESI))

This is to offer leverage to women
entrepreneurs that Fempreneures exists: training, acceleration and incubation are
meeting within the 3737 Group but we are also working on the implementation of
adapted services within the 3737 Group's premises and networking methods
completely different.

These services are unique within a
accelerator / incubator and are useful for all entrepreneurs. We also build
a supportive community because it is through sharing and belonging to a group that the
mentoring can make a real difference. ”