• Increase company revenue
  • Increase market share
  • Create jobs
  • Increase the notoriety of the entrepreneur and the company
  • Access financing
  • Expand network

Who are we addressing? Entrepreneurs:

  • Who are in the growth phase.
  • Who want to increase their market share.
  • With international ambitions.
  • Who have a prototype that they want to test on the market.
  • Who have already made at least 1 sale.
  • Who need support and coaching.
  • Who want to build a network.

Program Plan

  • 12 group workshops on specific topics
  • 3-4 hours of personalized coaching per week
  • Networking activities


  • Three (3) cohorts per year: Fall, Winter, Summer
  • Program duration: 12 weeks
  • Time:
  • Group Workshops: Thursday – 6pm
  • Personalized coaching: According to the availability of the coach and the entrepreneur


  • Online


  • Free of charge