Conference room Ground Floor

On the ground floor, you will find a large easily accessible conference room that seats 12 with lots of natural light. You will have access to a large blackboard, a television and several places to plug in your devices for all your presentations.

4 benefits:

  • Bright
  • Easily accessible (ground floor)
  • Very large whiteboard
  • Television for presentations

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Innovation Conference Room (3rd floor)

On the 3rd floor is the Innovation conference room which can seat 6 people comfortably for any presentation or meeting. You will benefit from a television and a removable whiteboard for your presentations.

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Synergy Conference Room (3rd floor)

On the 3rd floor, you will find our largest conference room, Synergy. It can comfortably seat 14 people or more for any presentation or meeting. You will have access to a television, a large whiteboard and a projector for all your presentations and meetings.

4 benefits :

  • Private
  • Accommodates 14 people or more
  • Very large whiteboard
  • Television and projector for presentations

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Espace 3737

On the 3rd floor you will find the Coworking Space, a large modern open air room that can seat 50+ people and accommodate up to 150 depending on the nature of the event. You will enjoy a large comfortable lounge, lots of natural light and multiple possibilities of layout according to your needs.

4 benefits :

  • Natural light
  • Multiple layouts
  • Large lounge
  • All audio-visual accommodations

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Rental Espace 3737

Rent a space at Group 3737 and do business in a place where you are welcome.

We offer a space of trust and opportunity to grow and prosper.


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