Starting a business

Do you dream of building your own business? Start your business now with our training for entrepreneurs, our personalized coaching with qualified experts and our flexible schedule that adapts to your reality! The training lasts approximately 12 weeks and is free of charge.

             What is it?

The program
The Starting a Business course leads to the attestation of vocational specialization (ASP) and is funded by the Ministry of Education and Higher education (MEES).
Module 1 – Business Project and Training (30 hours)
Module 2 – Computer tools (30 hours)
Module 3 – Structure of the business plan (30 hours)
Module 4 – Marketing and Sales (105 hours)
Module 5 – Resource Plan (60 hours) Module 6 – Financial plan (75 hours)

Total 330 heures

  • Virtual training
  • Exclusive and free tools designed for your entrepreneurship training (plans interactive business, financial forecast files, etc.)
  • Flexible schedule with personalized instruction
  • Access to loans and grants
  • And more!
For whom?

The Starting a Business course is for anyone who wants to start a business


Whether you want to create your own business, buy an existing company, ensure the
continuity of an organization, regardless of the field, training for entrepreneurs
Starting a business will equip you at all levels, from your business idea to
starting your business.

How to register

You must report to Group 3737 (ground floor level) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Here is the necessary documents :

If you are born in Quebec
  • Birth certificate (large format) Proof of residence (ex: recent residential invoice, driver’s license etc.)
  • If you are born outside of Quebec
If you are born outside of Quebec
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Quebec selection certificate
  • Proof of residence (ex: recent residential invoice, driver’s license etc.)

Sign up

Please contact us for more information about registration